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  1. Hi! Welcome to my home on the Internet. My name is Oz, and I will walk you through a brief introduction, followed by more options for you to continue your journey. Let us begin!

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    Please note, this is a little placeholder site until I have the time to complete the real one. Until then, please view the site in fullscreen for the optimal experience.

  2. ubc logo

    This is my school. I completed a degree with honours in Marketing, while doing two years worth of full-time work (through co-op) and an exchange term at HEC Paris.

    hec logo

    Speaking of which, I had an amazing time at HEC, one of Europe's top business schools, focusing on strategy and innovation. It was a very different experience than UBC, but I still learned a lot. I especially enjoyed Strategic Management of Innovation and Principled Negotiation from Harvard, both of which I have had the opportunity to use extensively since my time there.

    And this is me at my graduation. I could have easily cropped the guy up top out of the photo, but I find him really amusing for some reason. What is he looking at? Is he confirming that he's at the right graduation? He has the cap on, how can he be so intrigued by a sign that was presumably there throughout his whole four years in that school? One of life's great mysteries.

  3. photo taken at a fencing tournament

    This is also me. At least, this is me at a fencing tournament, I don't go around in all-whites during the normal course of my life, let alone wear a single glove.

    another fencing photo

    This is me in attack mode. Notice the bend of the sword (from my forward motion), and my front foot caught in mid-step.


    And this is the result. Not from that one tournament, but from fencing competitively for about a decade. Nowadays it's mostly squash and basketball though; last time I fenced was when I was coaching UBC's fencing club a few years ago.

  4. These are some of the companies and non-profits that I have worked with/for over the past few years. I have held different positions like marketing manager, product manager, business intelligence specialist etc. at these great organizations, but the one constant for me was a focus on the user/consumer/customer. Yes, even the "evil" marketing people can really care about their customers. After all, if you delight someone, they'll be a consumer for much longer than if you trick them into throwing cash your way.

    Psst, try hovering over the logos to see my position within each organization.

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